Lower electricity bills

One of the advantages of going solar is great savings on electricity bills. Unused solar energy is converted into DEWA credit and then used it in the next period/month. So, let solar energy power your home and experience great savings!

Switch to clean energy

Burning coal, oil and gasoline are causing harm to the environment. Unlike non-renewable resources, we won’t run out of the energy we receive from the sun in 5 billion years. So, take advantage of abundant energy today and support a greener tomorrow.

Increase the value of your property

Give your home the advantage of solar energy. It’s a great way to add value to your property. It’s not only profitable as it gives you savings but it’s also now more affordable. Recent global surveys have shown that a home equipped with solar panels will sell at a premium over similar homes in the neighbourhood.

Be a community leader

By having solar panels installed on the roof of your home, you could influence other community members to consider switching to solar energy. In this way, you could lead more members of the community to become aware of its benefits for themselves and the environment.

Safeguard future generations

CO2 emissions cause harm to the environment and lead to global warming. To reduce carbon footprint, it is important for us to adopt clean sources of energy. Solar energy is one such form of clean energy, which can help us protect the environment.

Align with Vision 2030

By 2030, UAE aims to generate 25% of its electricity by solar energy and by 2050, the nation aims to generate 75% of its electricity through renewable resources. Be a part of this movement to reduce carbon footprint by taking a step towards solar energy for your home.

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