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Prepare for a world where 70,000 solar panels will be added every hour

With so many initiatives encouraging people around the world to adopt solar energy, it’s no surprise that solar power capacity will increase in the future. Five years from now, the increase will be equivalent to 70,000 solar panels installed every hour. Now, that’s sufficient to cover 1,000 soccer pitches every day!

The global solar power capacity is expected to triple by 2022, thanks to increasing demand in China and decreasing prices for purchasing and installing solar panels.

As we prepare for an energy independent future, team Sun In Motion is happy to be a part of this worldwide movement. Also, in Dubai we encourage residents to switch to solar in line with the Shams Dubai initiative.

This article is based on content published on the World Economic Forum.

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Sweden set to reach its 2030 renewable energy target

Years ahead of schedule, Sweden is on track to meet its 2030 target for renewable energy this year. In 2012, Sweden, in a joint agreement with Norway, agreed to increase the electricity produced from renewable sources by 28.4 TWh by 2020. Sweden then aimed to increase this target, adding 18 TWh more to its initial goal by the year 2030.

It’s great to see countries taking active measures to move towards an energy independent future.

Dubai is also a part of this global movement and aims to produce 75% of its energy from clean sources by 2050. In line with the Shams Dubai initiative, Sun In Motion encourages residents and industrial entities to switch to solar thereby contributing towards the ultimate goal.

The article was originally published on the World Economic Forum.

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Abu Dhabi switches on the largest ‘virtual battery plant’ on Earth

The UAE is known to break world records. Added to the list including the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest desalinated water reservoir is the world’s largest virtual battery plant. This 108 MW/648 MWh sodium-sulfur battery plant is five times larger than the Hornsdale battery installed in Australia last year.

Aiming to spend $160 billion by 2030, Abu Dhabi is heavily investing in renewable energy. It’s great so see so many initiatives in the UAE taking shape to promise a greener future that is energy independent.

In line with the Shams Dubai initiative, Sun In Motion is also happy to contribute towards this great cause. Offering residents the opportunity to go solar, we are happy to encourage the adoption of renewable energy.

The article was originally published on the World Economic Forum.

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Sun In Motion hosts event at Capital Club, Dubai

The Last Tuesday Tradition was held at Capital Club on the 30th of April, 2019. The event was sponsored by Sun In Motion, and welcomed over 90 guests. Our guests actively joined the “Sustainable Savings from Solar” discussion. It shed light upon how contributions can be made towards achieving sustainable growth, both individually and at a corporate level.

The guests were witness to a speech by Mr. Stefan Heyn, CEO, Sun In Motion, who spoke about the importance of going solar and the many benefits it holds for both, businesses and consumers.

An enticing raffle draw invited members to participate for a chance to win a 5kWp residential solar system. Stephan A. Horvath, Fintech Partner of Burj Financial Consultants won this giveaway.

Sun In Motion was pleased to host an event like this, which supports its purpose to make more individuals aware about adopting sustainability through solar energy.

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UAE students to learn more about renewable energy

As global warming is on the rise, more and more countries are adopting the concept of renewable energy. The UAE is also a part of this worldwide movement and aims at having 75% of its electricity produced through clean sources by 2050.

Besides encouraging more residents and businesses to switch to renewable energy, it is also important to make young minds aware of its benefits. That’s why the UAE Ministry of Education and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) have agreed to integrate renewable energy and sustainable development as a part of the national education system.

This initiative will steer the young ones in the right direction, encouraging them to work towards an energy-independent future. We’re glad to see that measures like this are in place to make the future brighter. As providers of solar energy solutions, we too are in line with the UAE’s goals towards reducing carbon footprint.

The article was originally published on the MEP Middle East.

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