Financial savings

One of the advantages of going solar is great savings on electricity bills. Not only can your company save on bills but also get credit for the excess electricity produced through net metering. So let solar energy power your business and experience great savings.

Protection from rising utility costs

Besides great savings for your company, solar energy will also safeguard your business against rising utility costs. While non-renewable resources are exhaustible and are likely to observe an increase in pricing, the energy from the sun is abundant and will remain affordable.

Great returns on solar installments

On an average, a solar panel system typically returns about five times its investment value over 20 years of its lifecycle. This is a result of about 40% savings on electricity bills every month.

Stay ahead of the game

Give your business the solar advantage now and be among the trendsetters who influence this change for the environment.

Add to your company’s CSR credentials

Going solar not only gives your company great savings, it also helps add to your company’s CSR credentials. Your company can enjoy the benefit of reduced electricity bills and the environment can benefit from reduced CO2 emissions.

Align with Vision 2030

By 2030, UAE aims to generate 25% of its electricity by solar energy and by 2050, the nation aims to generate 75% of its electricity through renewable resources. Be a part of this movement to reduce carbon footprint by taking a step towards solar energy for your company.

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